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Law firm Dalla Verita inside view in bologna roma rimini

a view of Dalla Verità palace

The Dalla Verità Firm's office is located in Bologna in Piazza Calderini, no. 5, in the city's historic centre, a few metres from Bologna's Court and Court of Appeals.

The Firm also has an office in Rome.

Piazza Calderini n.5
40124 Bologna

Tel: +39 051 264918
Fax: +39 051 238788
Via Veneto n.7
00187 Roma

Tel: +39 06 4883525
Fax: +39 06 4740547


After Piero Dalla Verità's passing in 1982, the Rome office continued operations and began independent operations under the guidance of Paolo Tartaglia, who is currently the head of the team of solicitors who are stably employed there. The team functions independently from the Bologna location in terms of organisation and finances, despite stably maintaining or rather, constantly and continuously implementing reciprocal collaboration between the two locations in order to carry out professional tasks, especially if they pertain to a region that one office presides over more directly than the other.